Projects We Specialize in – Web Development, Marketing, Lead Generation


Web Projects

We specialize in marketing focused websites that sell and are built with a plan to grow traffic and subscriber/members. Find out more about our website development services.

Agile Integrated Marketing and Sales: Fast Track Your Results

Our AIMS Program provides a process to fast track your marketing and sales efforts to improve lead generation and conversions.  After we come up with a plan, we can help you implement it.

Online Marketing Projects

These are projects that involve coming up with a marketing plan, determining the best online marketing tactics, building the creatives, set-up, implementation and training.  Read more about our services for online marketing, social media, SEO & local search, creative campaigns, PPC and Design.


Helping with the marketing plan, building your web properties, implementation of your marketing plan.

Online Communities

We can build it, develop content for it and set up alliances so that you can maintain new content and build members.

Content Management

Building quality multimedia content, such as a resource centre or guided topics, is one of the tools used to bring more traffic and repeat visitors to your site. Visitors will browse longer, return and tell their friends. More sites will link to your resources. A “deep” site with alternative key phrases will provide more opportunities for visits from incoming searches. The content you create can also be used as part of your online information marketing strategies and email campaigns. We can help you build a site and system that you can use to build your own content efficiently.

Business Building Projects

We like to help you organize, gain and retain customers through a variety of projects such as database development, email marketing, lead generation, prospecting, B2B campaigns, sales calls, tele-boosting, market research, content creation, alliance formation, internet outreach, loyalty programs, sales promotions, online contests, online events, webinars and conferences.

How We Work With You

At the start, we can help you clarify your goals, budget and resources required, outline the tasks required and help create a time line for completion. After this initial stage we can help you implement your plans by outsourcing tasks to our team. Ongoing feedback is provided throughout the implementation to make sure we are staying within your requirements and budget. Support, training and the option for ongoing maintenance can be provided at the end.

No more procrastinating – let us help you get started on your project today!

Read more about our services for online marketing, social media, SEO & local search, creative campaigns, PPC and Design.