Dear Friends,

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life – well since I was four years old when I started trying to sell my crafts to my relatives! Over the years, and through the ups and downs, I have discovered a few things. I know first hand the challenge of getting started, staying motivated and remaining competitive.

It was hard to know everything myself. As a generalist, I soon realized that there are specialists who know much more than me.

In recent years, I have been fortunate to pull together an amazing team of talented individuals who know everything about marketing, branding, messaging, conversions and the web. Through them I have learned a lot!

When I started my first business there was no internet and no cel phones – yikes! How did we survive? Now we have the luxury to build amazing web properties through open source platforms and reach global markets via the internet.

New Earth Marketing was inspired by my wonderful friends who have become part of our team and our community. Our team has grown in the last ten years to include a wonderful group of specialists.  My goal has always been to stay small so I can provide personal service for long-term clients. We want to make sure that you web project is built right, scalable and achieves your business goals.

We are continually researching new and innovative ways for our clients to make their web assets work.

I developed along with Sales Professional, Sheynal Saujani a program that combines sales and marketing with the principles of agile software development. Agile Integrated Sales and Marketing (AIMS) is now being used with our current marketing clients successfully to generate rapid and sustainable sales results.

We have now become trained partners for several marketing automation platforms to help our clients grow even more.

Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams with respect and compassion for our world and its people. It is a new exciting era for businesses and organizations. Innovative entrepreneurs can now reach the world easily. We look forward to sharing in your growth while we work together to develop more sustainable business practices.

Kind regards,

Susan Jarema, Founder & CEO