Nov 26 Planning for Post Pandemic: Consumer Trends and Insight to Guide Your Marketing Vision for 2022 With Mary Charleson Grand Connection

Our favourite marketing trends expert (and GC member!) Mary Charleson is joining us again to help us create more success in 2022 The pandemic caused considerable shifts in consumer behavior. Over the last 18 months these changes have presented both challenge and opportunity for business. While we’ve yet to see what will remain permanent in […]

Nov 20 Master Class | Transform Your Business Clarity With an Inspired Business Vision Blueprint – Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt

Define, Design and Declare a New Revitalized Business Vision! Come and join us and learn how to transform your business clarity, focus, planning and profits with a well-crafted business vision. You will discover how it is the superpower tool to support your business foundation and growth and the means to become prepared, systematic, and meaningful […]

Nov 12 Grand Connection Partner Networking Event With Tonya Hofmann, Eli Marcus and Mark Porteous

At this Mega Grand Connection Partner Networking event, we will be partnering with three collaborative leaders and their communities. • Tonya Hofmann of Bee Konnect • Eli Marcus of The Motivation Show • Eli Marcus of The Motivation Show Our partners will be sharing their wisdom on business vision. Your vision gives you a direction, […]

Nov 2 Member Mingle Masterminds + Hot Seats

Join our next Member Mingle! Let’s get to know each other, level up our marketing and have fun! At this event, we will introduce ourselves, have some mastermind breakouts and take part in volunteer hot seats with peer to peer feedback. Bring your burning questions to find some direction from the community. Member Mingle events are more […]

Marketing Buffet Success Recipes

Get the secret recipes of success from our Marketing Buffet speakers in this tasty cookbook of marketing tips! GET EBOOK SHAPE YOUR VISION AND FUTURE: Build it and They Will Come By Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt, Owner of Inspired Business and Co-founder of the Grand Connection How to Have a Website: That Gets Founds and Converts By […]

July 30 When Great Is Not Enough: Understanding Your Cumulative Advantage With Mark Schaefer | Grand Connection

Today there is one powerful, overwhelming question that preoccupies every marketer and every business – “How can we be heard?” Our singular objective is to become the signal in an overwhelming world of noise. Today, merely creating content isn’t enough. Social media isn’t enough. Even being great isn’t enough. We need another path to build […]

June 18 Business Networking Partner Event | Grand Connection

At this Grand Connection Partner Networking event, we will be partnering with three networking leaders and their organizations. You will get the opportunity to learn about their organizations and meet business enthusiasts from all over the world. In the breakout rooms we will share strategies on dealing with uncertainty and ways to pivot, transform and […]