Web or mobile app projects can be overwhelming at the start. We are here to help guide you through the process smoothly and work through the stages. This is a opportunity to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your sales funnel and your brand. This can be a powerful time to define new strategies and messaging. Redoing your website can involve a lot of planning as you review your goals, branding and messaging. The great thing about digital is it can be changed, and by working using our agile methodology, you can get feedback and adapt along the way.

After your project is completed, and you have been trained on the back-end, we will not disappear. We are available as required for ongoing technical support, training, web maintenance, SEO, marketing and sales consulting.

Included in our standard website package is two months of free maintenance support and guarantee while you learn your new site.

We want you to be SMILING all the time! 🙂