We care about your success and help ensure you achieve your goals through the following...

Trusted With Over 25+ Years Experience

New Earth Marketing has been around for more than 10 years with over 25 years experience in the industry. We have been selling online since the early internet and have grown through the years with experience in business development, marketing, sales and programming. Programming is our core product but digital marketing and lead generation are our passion. This ensures you end up with a website that sells. Our team is experienced in SEO, online marketing, marketing automation, blogging, social media, lead generation, branding, graphic design and messaging. Our skill-set and project management skills help make your project a success.

100% Guarantee on Design

When we work with you on your website design and logos, we will ensure you are happy with your final design. There are no surprise fees for revisions and changes.

Exceptional Project Management and a Proven Process That Gets Results

We have a process that ensures the success of your project. Our years of experience in managing web projects helps. Good communication, defining responsibilities, and check-ins are key in staying on time and on target.

Integration of Marketing, Sales and Technology – Holistic Approach.

Marketing and Sales need to work together, and they need to be aligned online. We manage the different skills to come up with an integrated plan that follows the same strategy. No one can know it all and do it well, so we have a team of specialists to support your project, that is holistically managed so all the pieces work together. IT’S ALL RELATED and must be INTEGRATED.

Strategy + Planning + Tactics = Success

We know marketing and sales from a strategic level down through to successful tactics. We ask questions that make a difference and will help guide you through a process that works to meet your online goals. Our experience in working with a diverse number of industries shows. This helps us think outside the box and find strategies that suit your industry and market. We know how to build websites that rank well, get traffic, allow you to engage and sell. And we know how to combine lead generation tactics into your marketing to create a sales funnel. Our skills in marketing and sales automation can pull it all together.

Focus on Measurable Results

We are not going to build you something pretty that doesn’t work. We’ll be honest with what you can achieve for your budget and help you optimize your spend to get the best return on your investment. We want to know your goals and we want you to achieve them. Our agile, lean process focuses on best practices to achieve measurable results. Our success is your success.

Increase in Business

Even if you are just working with us to build a new website, we suggest strategies to generate leads, engage, increase conversions and retain existing clients. We can even train you how to do SEO yourself so you can develop content that brings in leads. You become part of our community and we look for ways to help you succeed.

Agile, Lean and Low Overhead

As fellow small business owners, we live by the lean methodology. By applying agile marketing principles we can help you find and test the best strategies to minimize costs and grow quickly.

Affordable Full Service Team

Programmers, designers and marketers have different skill sets. We pull together the team of experts. There are specialists for programming too! If you require a custom application, we can bring in the right person to program it for the right price. If your project is large, we can assign a team to meet your deadline.

Tools to Save You Money

We care about you getting good value for your marketing investment. We look for open-source applications that allow you to save money long-term by minimizing time and expenses later on and provide you with training and tools that you can use on your own.

Your Own Control

Our goal is to help you save money and maintain control. We want to set you up with tools that you can work with on your own. We provide support to help you take control of the IT portion of your business. We can do the work for you on your behalf and offer affordable website maintenance.  You own your websites, marketing collateral, domains and are the account holder for your plans. We recommend to our clients to maintain their own hosting and email service account to maintain control. We also readily make available design and back-up files.

Peace of Mind and Support

Our team has a proven track record. We have back-up support to complete your project on time. Having managed hundreds of projects, we have the experience to help you make better decisions with your web technology.

Integrity and Compassion

I'm not going to write much about this because you’ll soon find out about our commitment, reliability and fair pricing when you work with us. Read through our testimonials. We are passionate about helping you succeed.

Enough about us... we'd like to know more about you!

Ask us for a quote for your next project and let's see if we are a good fit. We would love to help you grow your business.