Video is a Must! Practical Tips to Get Started Right Away with Guest Speaker Sue Ferreira 

Sue Ferreira, Youtube Expert "Video is a Must! - Practical Tips to Get Started Right Away"

What a great Grand Connection event and many thanks to Sue for sharing her wisdom. We all worked on our video intros in the breakout sessions and left inspired to add them to our facebook group to get feedback and further network.

Sue Ferreira shared that video is a powerful way to increase visibility and be found. It's all about you, people buy you, people buy who they know like and trust. We need to be a solution to our peeps’ problems and to know yourself.

Everything has changed; Social Media is Networking online. We can “Go Global” with our message. With setting up a Youtube channel we have a platform to record, extract the audio only for a podcast, and even get it transcribed for a blog or book content and it has search engine value. Sue says the key is the planning and effort up front. We need to “get over it and go for it”. 82% of all web traffic is video. Video is in your future. The real truth is you will wish you started now a year from now. START NOW! Have no delay tactics - none. It takes 9 - 12 months to grow your presence. Choose 2 platforms to engage with. Start with focusing on the platform your peeps are on.

How to: consistency, each week, provide good value and give people what they are looking for.
Sue recommended 4 experts in video as she is no longer doing coaching and training on Youtube.

Sunny Lenarduzzi -

Steve Dotto -

Justin Brown and Primal Video -

Sean Cannell -

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