Agile Integrated Marketing and Sales (AIMS) is a sales and marketing program that benefits from the elements of agile software development best practices and LEAN Start Up methodologies. By tightly integrating marketing and sales functions within your organization you are able to improve lead generation techniques and conversions at all touch points. Tracking and feedback loops are built into the system to speed up reaction time resulting in a better customer experience, trust and higher sales (or sign-ups, funds raised etc).

The objective of AIMS is to help your company quickly increase revenue and facilitate sales conversions with a process that is long-term. AIMS provides a solution for organizations to achieve better results faster. AIMS is a high performance framework for focusing on what works and quickly getting rid of what doesn’t work (fail fast to succeed faster). The consistent collaboration between sales and marketing, along with reliable tracking and goal oriented benchmarking, drives measurable results. Guaranteed!

By using the AIMS systems, your organization is better equipped to continue running more effective sales and marketing programs.

Our AIMS methodology is made up of:

  • Assessing all touchpoints for both marketing and sales
  • Iterative planning and collaboration
  • Tracking measurable results
  • Agile systems

We welcome discussing this innovative program with companies who are serious about taking their business to the next level. Contact us for a discovery call.

We also provide an AIMS Training Program that may qualify for a training grant.