Are you a Canadian company with employees? You may qualify for a training grant.

agile_new_logoNew Earth Marketing provides a practical results oriented training program that leaves an organization equipped to manage an Agile Integrated Sales and Marketing Program. We customize our training to suit the experience of the participant and the needs of the organization.

What is Agile Integrated Marketing and Sales (AIMS)
AIMS provides a solution for organizations to achieve better results faster. To succeed faster, AIMS is a high performance framework for focusing on what works and quickly getting rid of what doesn’t work (fail fast to succeed faster).

The consistent collaboration between sales and marketing, along with reliable tracking and goal oriented benchmarking, drives measurable results. AIMS is a sales and marketing program that benefits from the elements of agile software development best practices and LEAN Start Up methodologies. By tightly integrating marketing and sales functions within your organization you are able to improve conversions at all touch points. Tracking and feedback loops are built into the system to speed up reaction time resulting in a better customer experience, trust and higher sales (or sign-ups, funds raised).

Educational Objectives:

1. Understand the principals of AIMS and how it applies to your organization:

  • build, measure, learn
  • marketing sprints and scrums
  • touch points
  • coordinate, collaborate, conclude
  • growth hacking
  • collaboration tools
  • frictionless sharing
  • real time marketing
  • sales methodologies
  • KPIs, tracking & A/B testing

2. Complete an assessment of your organization’s sales and marketing goals, processes, touch points and current channels. This also includes competitive analysis and positioning through the completion of a competitive grid.

3. Learn about consistent messaging, powerful brand building and reputation management.

4.  Develop a sales and marketing plan.

5. Complete sales and marketing collateral to increase awareness and progress the sale/call to action.

5. Understand SEO and how to apply it to your own content and online profiles.

6.  Learn how to use business tools to maintain AIMS in your organization:

  • measuring tools for benchmarking and KPIs including Google analytics
  • tools for monitoring such as Google Alerts, keyword research tools
  • implementation of tools for online content distribution (hootesuite, PRweb, mailchimp)
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Other online tools and templates

This program uses a combination of online, teleconference and workplace training.

Other Training Available 

  • Pay Per Click Set Up and Management
  • Social Media Business & Management
  • Brand Humanization
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Content Strategy Mapping
  • Other Training