Are you a Canadian company with employees? You may qualify for a training grant.


Customizable training programs for your organization are available for larger web projects.

We can create a training program for your employee(s) to meet your own specific need. All training is hands on and practical so that your employee will be able to implement online marketing strategies in house and SAVE your company money.

We will help your staff:

  • understand the process
  • build the marketing strategy
  • set up your marketing assets & campaigns
  • schedule posts & automate
  • use online time-saving tools
  • implement the plan

Main Areas of Training

AIMS: Agile Integrated Marketing and Sales

  • Understand the principals of AIMS and how it applies to your organization
  • Complete an assessment of your organization’s sales and marketing goals, processes, touch points and current channels. This also includes competitive analysis and positioning through the completion of a competitive grid.
  • Learn about consistent messaging, powerful brand building and reputation management
  • Develop a sales and marketing plan
  • Complete sales and marketing collateral to increase awareness and progress the sale/call to action
  • Understand SEO and how to apply it to your own content and online profiles
  • Learn how to use business tools to maintain AIMS in your organization
  • Twitter Following Campaigns
  • Tips & feedback on writing your profile and headline
  • Building a following and engaging conversation
  • Time saving tips, scheduling and automation

Social Media Marketing

  • The importance of social media and trends
  • How social media marketing improves search engine rankings
  • Reaching and connecting with your audience where they reside
  • An integrated approach to online marketing including keywords, your blog, backlink strategies and social media
  • Developing your social media plan and content strategy
  • Success strategies for using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Facebook Marketing (such as Events, Groups, PPC, Like Buttons, Tagging)
  • Twitter Following Campaigns
  • Tips & feedback on writing your profile and headline
  • Building a following and engaging conversation
  • Time saving tips, scheduling and automation

Search Engine Optimization

This training helps clients learn the techniques to position their website successfully in the search engines so that they have a higher page ranking and can more easily be found in targeted searches. We look at both on-page and off page

This training is very practical where we audit the client’s current website and prepare an effective strategy to improve their rankings.


  • The importance of SEO
  • Understanding search engines work and how they read and index web pages
  • Competitive research
  • On-site optimisation (tags, descriptions, text, urls, anchor text)
  • Auditing your site
  • Creating a seo plan
  • Creating a ‘search engine friendly’ page
  • Creating an optimized site structure
  • The importance of site maps, blogs, FAQ sections
  • The importance of off-site optimization
  • Link popularity
  • Generating back links and the importance of anchor text
  • Using Google Analytics and other software to analyze rankings

Pay Per Click Training (Google Adwords, Other PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) can be an effective marketing tool when implemented correctly.
This training will take you through creation of your accounts through campaign management techniques to maximize your ROI.


  • What is pay per click and how does it work
  • What is the difference between PPC & PPA.
  • About Google Adwords/ PPC in Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Creating your account (s)
  • Identifying successful keywords and phrases
  • Effective copy-writing
  • Using Google Adword Tools
  • Creating your first campaign (s)
  • Setting budgets and bid prices
  • Using landing pages to increase ROI
  • Reducing your cost-per-click
  • Split testing your ads
  • Conversion tracking & reporting tools

Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing system where other website owners, bloggers or ezine marketers (your affiliates) promote your product online and direct visitors back to your website.  This visit is tracked and the affiliate earns a commission on any purchases through their referral. Effective affiliate marketing can help increase online sales with minimal risk.  It can also increase your page rankings.


  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Benefits of affiliate marketing
  • The affiliate network and their roles (the affiliate, the merchant & networks)
  • Working with a network or setting up your own program
  • Targeting niche communities
  • Developing your strategy
  • Planning and setting objectives
  • Creating effective text and banner ads
  • Finding suitable affiliates
  • Motivating and providing support for your affiliates

Online Marketing – Back Link Strategy Training

Higher page rankings by the search engines is dependent on having high quality websites linking back to your site (backlinks).  Backlinks can be obtained from many sources such as article (ezine) submissions, online press releases, postings on forums and blogs and postings to social media sites.
(Note social media success strategies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube are covered separately in the social media course).


  • How backlinks improve SEO
  • What are ezines, forums and blogs
  • Why having your own blog is important for SEO
  • How a press release can give you backlinks
  • Creating a plan, timing, integration with other marketing including re-purposing
  • Success factors of writing an article or post
  • The basics of press release writing
  • Keyword density and anchor text within back links
  • Identifying sites for submission & methods of submission
  • Posting articles and blog posts to multiple sites
  • Efficiency tools
  • Tips of article writing and posting
  • Video and Podcast Marketing


  • The Sales Funnel & Conversions
  • Tracking & Measuring Success
  • ROI
  • Using Google Analytics
  • Other Measurement Tools