Its nice to have personal tech support that you can contact anytime. Are you looking for a maintenance package that suits your needs and budget? Monthly plans start at $65 a month or you can try our on demand maintenance package for a one time tune up.


Content Management System (CMS)
Your new website will be easy for you to maintain new content and edit yourself. We build using a content management systems (CMS) that allows you to post blogs, create new pages, edit text and add or change images. You can do many updates yourself but sometimes it’s good to delegate. Our maintenance packages also include training so you can learn to do edits on your own. If required, we can do you edits and send you instructional screenshots or a video tutorial for you to save for next time.

Adding New Content
Your website will rank higher if you have changing content. If you run out of time and need extra help with posting content and website edits, we can be available to help out as part of an affordable maintenance package.

Security Updates, New Plugins and Other Updates
The world around your website is constantly changing. There are new mobile devices, new versions of browsers and changes at your hosting company to their environment. There are also new spam bots, new hacks and an increasing number of malware attacks going around. Website owners no longer can safely sit back after their website is complete. Maintaining your website is like getting a tune-up on your car. We keep your website running safely and more efficiently by keeping your core files and plugins up-to-date.

Examples of extra maintenance you may desire could include:

  • Security updates to plugins
  • Updating content such as blogs, new products, banners, contact info, team bios and more
  • Adding in new captchas if your spam is getting out of control
  • Adding the latest social sharing widget
  • Updating APIs of your twitter and facebook feeds
  • Testing of your forms, registration, and cart after updates
  • Mobile fixes as devices change

Performance Optimization

It is critical that your website continue to load quickly.  This not only improve the customer experience, it reduces people leaving the site and increases your ranking on google.  We run monthly tests for performance and will make modifications such as reducing images sizes and minimizing javascript calls on your website to improve the load speed.

Back-up Support

We recommend to all our clients to make sure their host is taking regular back-ups.  As an extra precaution we can make back-ups for you of your website files and your database.

Dealing with Malware and Hacks
We do our utmost to make sure that your website minimizes the risk of being hacked. There are measures we can take and back-ups that can be done to reduce the risk of your website getting malware or the incident being a big burden. If you do get hacked, we can help you clean your code and get your site back up quickly.  We help clients having maintenance packages get their sites back up as soon as possible. Maintenance clients receive priority service and we can generally get it back up within 12 hours.  This work is usually included in your maintenance package without any extra charges.

We can customize a maintenance plan that suits your needs and budget or bundle it with affordable SEO. Monthly plans start at $65 a month or you can try our on demand maintenance package for a one time tune up.