If you are going to do something, DO IT RIGHT!

Behind a good website is a PLAN that has good research.

We can work with you from the start to:

  • Research your industry
  • Do a competitive analysis
  • Determine your positioning
  • Work through your sales funnel
  • Develop your strategy
  • Create your branding
  • Write your messaging

This strategic plan is the framework for all your marketing initiatives including your website. All of your marketing tactics should be looked at together. 

We can help you put together a solid marketing plan that includes:

  • Description of your product or service
  • Description of your target markets
  • Competitive differentiators and unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Proposed messaging
  • Pricing, packaging and bundling strategies
  • Content strategy (including blogging, PR and information marketing)
  • Distribution strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Customer retention plan including autoresponders
  • Marketing strategies (promotions, advertising, SEM, SEO, social media, PPC)
  • Marketing tools including website, landing pages, micro-sites, banners, pdf flyers, printed materials
  • Marketing vehicles including social media
  • Set-up activities
  • Initial roll-out activities
  • Ongoing marketing activities
  • Projected sales volumes and margins
  • Budget (set up, first year)
  • Schedule
  • Product development requirements
  • Tracking, monitoring and KPIs