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What are your marketing and sales goals?

What are your roadblocks in marketing and sales?

Describe your sales funnel.

Do you know your conversions at each stage of your funnel?

What is your close rate?

Who are your main competitors?

Who is your audience?

How do you currently generate leads?

How do you breakdown where your leads come from?

How much time is spent on getting new people versus nurturing existing referrals?

How do you want to improve your marketing and sales?

What do you have for a list?

What tools do you use to get your marketing done?
(For example: email sending, tracking, social media scheduling, calendar scheduling, google analytics, hootesuite, webinars etc)

What is your website built in?

Are you happy with your website? Does it meet your goals? List what is NOT working.

Who does your current marketing work?

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