marketing automation sharpspring versus infusionsoft

For the last several years we had been researching marketing automation platforms for our clients.

Many of our clients were starting to upgrade from their starter email marketing services (such as Constant Contact and Mailchimp) to more sophisticated tools that would scale with the marketing needs of their business.

Initially, we reviewed Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Agile CRM, and InfusionSoft.

Based on price, we were almost ready to commit to InfusionSoft. However one of our clients, who had been using Infusionsoft for several years had recently switched over to SharpSpring and was raving about it. We gave it a try and were hooked.  It was not only simpler to learn, but the price we could offer was better for our clients. We’ve now become a SharpSpring partner and are using this with our clients to support their marketing efforts.

SharpSpring is a growing company.  They went public a few years ago and its exciting to see the growth in the product as new features are launched. We recently started learning the new features dynamic emails and landing pages to help improve the conversions for our clients.  This allows clients to customize automations for the personas of their customers.

As a Marketing Enthusiast, it is equally thrilling to see our clients grow their business with access to a scale-able marketing and sales automation platform.

All marketing platforms require a commitment to learn and set them up.  You still need to plan out what data you want to collect, how you plan to engage and the workflows.  Tracking code and lead capturing through forms needs to be added to your website.  Naming conventions need to be determined. We encourage clients to start off with one campaign and then replicate the process for future automations.  Creating a marketing engine is a rewarding process as you begin to organize your marketing efforts in a system that helps you make a better return from your marketing efforts. For those of you who love getting organized, this can actually be fun!

Theses are some of the features available through our SharpSpring marketing automation platform:

  • Full Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Tracking Including Google Adwords
  • Behavior-Based Email
  • Personalized Dynamic Emails
  • Blog Builder
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Visitor ID, Life of the Lead and Email sync
  • Integrations with wordpress, salesforce, ecommerce, Zapier and more

I encourage you to attend one of our marketing automation webinars or sign up for a free strategy session to help plan your growth.  We will assess your current stage and help you determine the most cost-effective tools to start with. A SharpSpring Subscription through New Earth Marketing + our support package is affordable. Canadian pricing is available.