About Us

New Earth Marketing, located in Vancouver, Canada was established in 2008 by Susan Jarema along with the help of her talented team. Over the years we have built hundreds of websites and helped many businesses increase their revenues. We have evolved with the web and technology to meet the needs of our clients.

We have opted to remain small and affordable with a talented dynamic team who work virtually from their homes using collaboration tools. We are always learning new and better ways to engage digitally. Our projects vary from new websites, mobile apps, agile development and marketing for start-ups, marketing automation, CRM integration, sales strategies, online reputation management  – all the way through to creative marketing campaigns and lead generation.

We take pride in having many long lasting relationships with clients around the world and in making them smile! 🙂


How We Can Help You

We take an integrated approach to helping ensure your web project is a success.

This includes good research, following a proven process, asking the right questions and combining our knowledge of branding, messaging, traffic building, SEO, social media sharing, sales funnels, automated behavioral based marketing, relationship building, conversions and tracking.

Our marketing focus provides you with web based solutions that will improve your profitability.

We come with the experience of building effective sites, lead generation and traffic building that will help you grow your business. We provide suggested strategies to build an effective website – ranging from visual brand representation, goal oriented messages, keyword rich copy, optimized pages, SEO friendly site structure, easy navigation, quality content, conversion strategies and traffic building techniques.

We can help you increase traffic, subscribers, members, customers and sales by:

  • Helping you put together a strategic marketing plan that achieves and measures your online goals (including pull strategies, push strategies, and conversion strategies);
  • Working with you using our own Agile Integrated Sales and Marketing Program (AIMS) to achieve results faster and save you money long-term;
  • Building a more user friendly, content based website that encourages return visits and sharing;
  • Providing design and messaging suggestions to increase your conversion rates and subscriptions;
  • Setting up automated workflows and behavioural based email campaigns to help you nurturing your leads;
  • Building traffic, subscribers and members through targeted online marketing campaigns;
  • Creating and implementing online promotions and viral campaigns to creatively reach a larger audience;
  • Creating better search rankings through search engine optimization strategies and targeted local search;
  • Lead generation through teleboosting, telemarketing, PPC, retargetting and other paid options;
  • Helping you create a loyal customer base through CASL compliant content driven email marketing and social media strategies.

We can save you time and money by:

  • Reducing your overhead by outsouucing your programming and marketing. Savings from our own low overhead is passed on to you;
  • Providing you with a proven team at affordable rates;
  • Reducing your website development and maintenance costs by setting up user friendly content management systems and helping you develop marketing templates and automation;
  • Training you how to do many things yourself.
  • Setting you up with foundations and processes that make your sales and marketing agile and lean.

We want to help you pursue your dreams. Contact us to schedule a free web assessment.


Susan and her team have been an exceptional source of knowledge, creativity and professionalism. The wide array of skills they bring to projects (web development, online marketing and technology) are a great lever to take you to the next level.”  Read more.