A lot of wordpress websites have experienced malware attacks and hacks lately. This is due to a security issue in versions 4.7.2 and earlier.  I have seen many instances and its nasty – files get deleted, offensive and advertorial posts and links get added, and site redirects from Google search to malicious sites.

You should be updating your wordpress to version 4.7.5 and adding a good security plugin. Remove any inactive plugins.

Also please check your site and blogs to see if you’ve been targeted.

Signs of malware:

  • Site not working
  • Site loading slow
  • Advertorial posts, images and links through site ranging from movies to porn.
  • Strange address scripts redirecting as site loads
  • Unknown admin users added to your wordpress site.
  • Malicious users added to your google search console.
  • Your search result on google is linking to another unwanted site

As a reminder it’s important to be backing up your website.  Make sure you have a service in place that does daily, weekly and month back-ups. Back-up services often over-writing all back-ups.  Keep a monthly back-up on a local machine.

Your website is very important to your business so keep it safe!

Please call if you need any help, want to join our web maintenance program  or have any questions. If you are updating your site yourself, make sure you take a local back-up first and test well afterwards.