Viral Marketing/Buzz Marketing – It’s Not All Luck

Spread your message exponentially through effective viral campaigns! Viral marketing is your online version of word-of-mouth. A creative viral marketing campaign is something such as an article, ebook, flash video, song, game, card, or even a text message that spreads by being forwarded or syndicated by others. The right viral marketing campaign can help you reach thousands and even millions of people. We can help you come up with an idea, develop it and give it that extra push to go viral. 

Storytelling (Multimedia/Transmedia)

Does your story need to be shared? Are you looking for an innovate way to share it?Building a narrative into your marketing and web projects helps captivate the audience and build loyalty. Stories are also much more engaging and sharable. We can help you find your own unique story and creative ways for your audience to experience it. Some tools we have used are panoramic tours, icons, infographs, photograhs, written word, songs, video and mini documentaries. Here, anything is possible.