susanSusan Jarema B.Comm, MBA

President of New Earth Marketing

Susan was born an entrepreneur. She has been in marketing and sales for over 20 years, built from scratch several businesses and helped in the launch of hundreds of new ventures. Her first early website was built in 1996. Since then she spent many years teaching business and honing her online marketing skills through her family venture Googol Learning.

She now loves to inspire others to live their passion. Her focus is on empowering entrepreneurs to embrace technology, become empowered and use it effectively to help grow their business. By educating them on the latest online applications and marketing practices, Susan helps business owners make the right choices for their web projects and online campaigns.

Susan has a way of making it all seem EASY and FUN! As a trainer and consultant, she will help you clarify options and simplify your strategy into the most effective tasks for YOU.
Her skills in planning and goal setting will help you put together an agile plan of action that you can implement yourself or outsource affordably.

Susan’s business experience is diverse. This is demonstrated in her creative approach to marketing, alliance building and her ability to grasp the big picture and break it down into manageable tasks. Her goal now is to help other entrepreneurs succeed with their dreams and to promote socially responsible business practices. She now works with and trains a wide variety of visionaries and LOVES every moment.

Work Experience & Education

Early on in her career, Susan worked in the print and radio advertising industry. In 1991, she co-founded with her best friend, As You Like International Shopping Service Ltd., one of the first “Fair Trade” organizations to help village cooperatives in developing countries market and sell their sustainable crafts in North America.

Susan completed a marketing degree at the University of Manitoba and her Master’s in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University.  In 1995 Susan started selling online. She spent several years teaching business classes at Simon Fraser University and Douglas College and held various marketing and advisory positions for the Douglas College Self-Employment Program.

After having children, Susan founded Googol Learning. In this capacity, she produced the award-winning Googol Power Math Series and built several high traffic websites to promote family learning and media awareness. New Earth Marketing was later established to help friends in the industry build and maintain their sites. It grew from there.

Now, Susan and her team build effective websites, automated marketing and sales engines and implement online marketing strategies for both large and small clients. Susan continues to provide digital marketing services for companies, business groups and organizations. In addition to supporting many non-profit environmental organizations in her community, she teaches other entrepreneurs how to do many things on their own to save them money and give them control over their own content.  As a certified yoga teacher, Susan also works with other entrepreneurs to grow their business with balance and joy.