Our Values

Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams with respect and compassion for our world and its people.

Our team and community strives to move towards sustainable business practices for our own company and those of our clients. New Earth Marketing actively seeks out conservation and sustainability based projects and donates time and money to select programs.

New Earth Marketing is committed to creating multi generational projects that reflect harmony between man’s natural progress and the sustainability of the environment. Two of the ongoing projects include The Coquitlam River Watershed and the South West Coast Conservation Program (SCCP). These are both projects that have attracted a multitude of different interest groups from across the environmental spectrum.

Susan is also an active board member of the Rivershed Society of BC (Sustainable Living Leadership Program and Riverfest Festival).

The following are some examples of ways we are trying to help make a difference:

  • Each team member works from home avoiding commutes and reduce our carbon footprint from travel. Most of our team follow a plant-based diet.
  • We aim to reduce consumption and recycle wherever possible. Our low impact work is done primarily on computers using minimal paper. We are working towards a paperless policy.
  • We use open source software in which many of our developers collaborate and contribute regularly to the open source software community.
  • Team members are given flexible hours that they choose and are able to schedule projects to meet family demands.
  • We volunteer in the community and provide sponsorships to organizations and events. Susan is board member for the Rivershed Society of BC, an active member for the TriCity Valley Women’s Network where we maintain the Tri-City website. We provide volunteer web development, design & support for various non-profits including The Families of Abuse Society, Michael Coss Foundation, Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Fund, Coquitlam Foundation, Rivershed Society,  the Community Mapping Network and South Coast Conservation Program.
  • We do not advertise to children and will not promote products or services that promotes consumerism or over-consumption to children.
  • We are currently building a resource directory of environmental organizations that will be available free to the public for organizations to connect and create awareness.  Contact us if you know of a local resource in British Columbia that should be included.