Our Team


Susan Jarema
B.Comm, MBA

I live, breath and dream about creative ways to affordably market products and services. I’ve been in marketing/sales, entrepreneurship and project management for over 25 years! Teaching strategy, implementing campaigns for clients and doing it for my own businesses. And … I’ve been selling online since 1995 – the Early Days. I love helping my clients to grow their business and to save money. I want to use my skills to help promote products, services and issues that will help create a better world.

Susan brings to New Earth Marketing a wealth of knowledge in a variety of industries. Her diverse experience in sales, B2B campaigns, promotions, digital products and online marketing, along with her creativity are a great asset for helping clients achieve their goals.

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Sheynal Saujani
Sales Professional

I enjoy helping businesses find ways to increase sales and closes. With a math degree from Waterloo, I love to look at the numbers and find ways to make them better!

Sheynal Saujani is president of S2S Consulting. He is a successful business development professional with over twenty years of experience in the technology sector. He has a proven track record of successfully helping business transform their companies from using traditional software methods to using agile processes. Sheynal has in-depth experience in enterprise software, solution selling, business partner development and account management. Sheynal works with clients on marketing and sales automation solutions.

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Online Marketing Engineer
B.Sc.Eng., M.A.

Sheriff has over 16 years of experience in Digital marketing and specializes in the following areas:

– Paid advertising (Google & Facebook Advertising strategies, email marketing, graphical advertising.)
– Online Customer Acquisition Strategies (Creating intro services, products, and bundled offers to acquire customers with a strategy to upsell.)
– Strategies to increase your Average Customer Value.
– Market and competitive research.
– Analytics (seeing up phone tracking and google analytics, and developing new strategies based on your current statistics)

Sheriff can look at your current strategy and marketing statistics and find what you can do next to further increase customer acquisition and your average customer value and decrease your cost to acquire new customers.

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Imran Khan
Project Manager Programming
B.E. in Information Technology, MBA

It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of New Earth Marketing team. I have seen New Earth Marketing take its baby step since its inception in 2008 and growing into an established company with happy clients. I believe that a change can be a wonderful thing, especially when that change involves growth. And that’s our plan with New Earth Marketing – learning, evolving and getting better so our clients can grow too!

Imran is an Engineering graduate in Information Technology and brings more than 10 years of experience in website development, project management and business development activities. He also provides customer support for IT. He makes sure deadlines are met, the client is happy, and the team is communicating effectively.

Imran’s interests and skills touch every part of the website creation process. Largely self-taught, he invests a lot of effort in learning new technologies and finding best practices for web development & design. His eagerness to learn how things work has resulted in knowledge and experience in a broad range of technologies.

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Maureen Pilgrim
Client Support Manager

It is fun and rewarding to work with my good friend Susan and her team helping businesses achieve their goals. Susan and I both have gone through the challenge of returning to the workforce after raising young children. I am excited to be working with Susan’s clients.

Maureen is a Human Resources generalist with 15 years of experience working with private, public and not-for-profit organizations. Her competencies include recruitment and selection, performance management, employee relations, organization and job design, policy development, and compensation and benefits administration.

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